2023 Newsletters

August 2023: New member, twilights including flog sdrawkcab*, match-play tournament, club championships, Wednesday night golf, lessons (spoiler alert: big success), visitors, members at work, an important new sign, and upcoming events. (*Really? Okay – “backwards golf.”)

July 2023: New members! Plus twilight golf, A Taste of Golf, Bert’s hole-in-one, students at play, members at work, problems and solutions, and the upcoming schedule. Bonus coverage: Bunny 1, Pool-Noodle 0.

June 2023: Women’s free golf day (Taste of Golf), twilight golf, new members, course rentals, work day, winners, calendar… and a golf-turtle.

May 2023: HS golf support (with photos), Twilight photos, new members, remembering Perry Brown, work day, family golf, placing bunker rakes, upcoming dates

April 2023: High school team and the tournament to support them, Soggy Bottom results and photos, fixing a pond (not The Beatles’ song), workday, donations and the donation match, upcoming events, and some really great photos

March 2023: High school golf, Soggy Bottom reminder, workday, major repairs, Wednesday night golf, social calendar

February 2023:  Sheep on Course, More of New Zealand, Visiting Fiji, New Members, Kit gets his Hole-in-One

January 2023:  Travelers, New Zealand, On Lopez, Social and Tournament Schedule, Help Needed