The Club is owned by the membership.  Ownership is divided equally among the membership, which is limited to 350 members.  Prospective members must apply for membership by submitting an application to the Board of Trustees.  Application forms are available at the Club House or by emailing the club at to have information sent to you.  Prospective members must be sponsored by one current member of the Club who will submit a letter of recommendation (email message is fine) to the Board of Trustees. If you don’t know any current members, a Board member will sponsor you.  Mail completed applications to the club c/o Membership Chair at P.O. Box 124, Lopez Island, WA 98261, or drop them off at the clubhouse.

Fees for membership are as follows:

  • Initiation fee is $200 (waived for 2023)
  • Certificate as valued at time of application, currently $387.50; and
  • Annual dues – $540.00 plus tax, reduced for members accepted after midyear.

Members are also required to do a minimum of twelve hours of service to the club during each calendar year. They may pay an additional fee of $250 in lieu of the twelve hours of service.  The time contributed is normally spent at monthly work days held at the Club on the last Wednesday of each month, by staffing the pro shop during times the clubhouse manager is not on duty, by hosting social events or by doing maintenance tasks on the course.

Family children between the ages of 8 and 18 who live with an adult member will also have golfing privileges at the Club. There is also a Junior Membership category for children between the ages of 8 and 18 and a Student Membership for young people 18 to 25.

For additional information or questions, write to us at

CONTINUING for 2023:

Try out membership with a one-year, one time only TRIAL MEMBERSHP!  Receive all the benefits of membership except for certificate ownership.  You pay dues only ($540+ tax.)


Try out a LIMITED SEASONAL MEMBERSHP with golfing privileges for three consecutive months of applicant’s choice for $300+tax.

Write to and we will send you an application and answer any questions you may have.