The course plays an easily walked 5304 yards from the back tees and 4702 from the forward tees. There’s an extensive chipping and short-game practice area as well as a putting green.

There are separate tee boxes for the front and back nines. The front nine tees are gold (longer) and white (shorter); the back nine tee boxes are blue (longer) and red (shorter). The gold and blue (longer) tees are considered the men’s tees and the white and red (shorter) the women’s for handicapping purposes, but any player may play from any set of tees; play the distances you’re comfortable at. On all holes, the back nine is at least slightly shorter than the front nine.

(Juniors and novices should feel free to “invent” tees perhaps 150 yards out from the green on the larger holes and to the sides of the water hazards. The game should be fun!)

Some holes have separate pins for the front and back nine. The front nine’s pin has a white flag, and the back nine’s pin has a red flag. Other holes have a single pin, with a white over red flag.

The men’s rating is 65.4 and the slope is 106. The women’s rating is 67, with a slope of 108. Par is 69 for men and women.