2022 Newsletters

November.December 2022:  Fall Puddles, Winter Snow, Women at Work, Birthday Event, Pressure Tank Replacement, Bat Caddy for Sale, 2023 Social and Tournament Schedule

October 2022: Remembering Beth Hughes, members at work, irritation irrigation, work day, upcoming events. And a reminder to tell your friends about our low winter rates.

September 2022: Recent guests, Horse Race, pairing with Whidbey, aces and Aces, winners, a new-to-us mower, awards, a shout-out to Jodie, the Paul Koehorst scramble / fundraiser, work day pics (featuring a wonderful lunch – please don’t lick the screen), upcoming events.

August 2022: Women at work, Lopez Men’s Weekend, Twilight golf, spotlight on Eric Meng, aces, match play, and Club Championship (lots of pics, too!), irrigation and other work-day happenings.

July 2022: New member, annual visitors, Twilight results (x2), two aces, four (baby) birdies and a hawk, Taste of Golf event, work-day photos, upcoming events, and daisies on the cover!

June 2022: New member, playing the course backwards, twilight tournaments, recent winners, teebox markers, work and workdays, member spotlight, our new (gently used) mower, upcoming events, and pictures of food.

May 2022:  New Member, Rainy Twilight Golf, What’s New, High School Golf, Member Spotlight, From the Clubhouse, Course Record?, More Members in the Spotlight, New Tee Markers, May Work Day, New Member and Memorial Twilight, New Citizen, Parting Shot, Upcoming Events

April 2022:  Work Day, New Member, First Twilight Golf, Member Spotlight, Hole-in-One, Memorial Garden, Parting Shot, Upcoming Events

March 2022:  March Work Day, High School Golf, Soggy Bottom Tournament, Member Spotlight on Rob Nou, Wednesday Night Golf, Harbingers of Spring, Parting Shot, Upcoming Events

January/February 2022: Work (and more work); Super Bowl tournament; new members; new employee; new floor; new drop zone; winter golf; upcoming events. (Did we mention newness? Lots of it these past few months.)