2021 Newsletters

NovDec2021:  Fall Storms, Thanksgiving Dinner, Night Golf, Remembering Joan Congdon, New Signage, President’s Post, Parting Shot, Upcoming Events

October 2021:  Annual Greens Plugging, Fall Membership Meeting, RIGHT Committee, October Work Day, Local Rules, 2022 Events, Parting Shot, Upcoming Events

September 2021:  Horse Race 2021, King and Queen Tournament, Congratulations Lauren Stephens and Other Winners, Weather on the Course, Women Golfers Celebrate, Ron Dever Obituary, Upcoming Events

August 2021: Club Championships, August 8 Twilight, August 29 Twilight, New Certificate Members, August Work Day, Winners, Eagles and Holes-in-One, Flags, Upcoming Events

July 2021:  New Tee Box Opens, July 11 Twilight, July 25 Twilight, A Taste of Golf for Women, New Members, July Work Day, Tournament Winners, Eagles, Parting Shot, Upcoming Events

June 2021:  Tee Box Renovation Project, June 13 Twilight, June 26 Twilight, New Trial Member, June Work Day, Winners, Wednesday Night Golf, A Taste of Golf for Women, Parting Shot, Upcoming Events

May 2021:Tee Box Renovation Continued, May 2 Twilight, May 16 Twilight, New Members, May Work Day, Tournament Winners, New Member/Memorial Twilight, Upcoming Events

April 2021: Tee Box Renovation Project, First Twilight Golf, New Member, Men’s Restroom Renovation, April Work Day, April Aces, Parting Shot, Upcoming Events

March 2021:  16th Annual Soggy Bottom, Tee Box Renovation Team, New Trial Member, Trial to Certificate Conversions, March Work Day, Drivers for Sale, Upcoming Events

January February 2021:  Winter Storm Photos (spoiler alert: the club survived, the pumphouse roof not so much), Hole-in-One, New Members, Upcoming Events (get ready for Soggy Bottom).