2017 Newsletters

NovDec2017  Meet Bo'sun, From Greenkeeper Lane, Women's Association, Elves, Christmas Party, New Certificate Member, Upcoming Events

October2017:  Plugging the Greens, Fall Membership Meeting, Volunteers of the Year, What's New, Women's Association, October Work Day, Upcoming Events

September 2017:  Horse Race, King and Queen Tournament, Awards Dinner, Awards, Off Island Golf, New Member, From the Clubhouse, September Work Day, Upcoming Events

August 2017:  Twilight Golf Events, New Members, Ladies Go to Orcas, Club Championship, Remembering Bailey, Former Members Update, August Work Day, Upcoming Events

July 2017:  Greenskeepers' Report, Twilight Golf Events, New Members, A Taste of Golf, Course Review-Eaglemont, Men's Day Out, Tournament Winners, Work Day, Upcoming Events

June 2017:  Greenskeepers' Report; Twilight Golf, New Members, Women's Association News, Hole-in-One, Tournament Winners, Golf Clinics, June Work Day, High School Golf Season Recap, Upcoming Events

May 2017:  Greenskeepers' Report, Tailgate Twilight, New Trial Member, Ladies' Golf Clinic, Clubhouse Classifieds, Junior Golfers go to State, Work Day, Upcoming Events

April 2017:  Spring Ringer begins, April 23 Twilight Golf, Motorcycle Trip, New Member, Clubhouse Classifieds, Hole in One, High School Golf, April Work Day, Upcoming Events

March 2017:  Course Report, High School Golf, Clubhouse News, Soggy Bottom Tournament, Work Day, Upcoming Events

JanuaryFebruary2017:  Lars and Benni are back, Endowment Fund Report, Clubhouse News, Remembering Bessie Wright, New Members, Upcoming Events