2015 Newsletters

Dec 2015:  President's Post, New Greens Mower, Fish and Cows, Ladies Decorating, the Newsletter continues, Holiday Party, Ladies' Holiday Luncheon, Fun Pix from 2015, Chris's Reflection, Upcoming events

Nov 2015:  October Work Day, Pub Night, Thanksgiving, Upcoming Events

Oct 2015:  Volunteer of the Year Beth Hughes, Ladies at Gallery Golf, Women's Association Fall Meeting, September 30 Work Day, New stuff at the club, Upcoming events

Sept. 2015:  Welcome Lars and Benni, August work day, Twilight golf August 30, Labor Day Horse Race, King and Queen Tournament, Scramble, Awards Banquet, Shots of the Year, Upcoming events

August 2015:  Thank you to members, Ode to the Trees Twilight golf, July work day, Tournament winners, New members, Club Championship, Upcoming events

July 2015:  New members, 'the tree', Twilight golf June 28, LIFRC golf clinics, Tournament winners, Twilight golf July 12, Ladies' San Juan Island Fun Day, Twilight Golf July 26, Upcoming events

June 2015:  June winners, New members, June 12 Twilight golf, Ladies' Fun Day, June work day, Upcoming events

May 2015:  April work day, Birds at LIGC, Aces and new members, May 3 Twilight golf, Open House May 16, Annual Greens Plugging, May work day, Upcoming events

Mar-Apr 2015:  New members, Course improvements, March work day, Spring youth clinics, April Aces, CPR training, High School golf team, Rules tip, April 19 Twilight event, Upcoming events

Jan-Feb 2015:  Holiday party, Remembering Diane Robertson, Soggy Bottom Tournament, Upcoming Events